Invited speakers

Invited speakers

Invited speakers and titles of presentations of ESRI 2018 conference.

Günter Wagner

Yale, USA

  • The inflammatory origin of mammalian implantation
  • The uterine decidual stromal cell: a stabilized stress response

Indira Mysorekar

St-Louis, USA

  • Autophagy and placental infection
  • The placental microbiome

Nathalie Ledee

Paris, France

  • The uterine immune profile

Jim Scott

Salt Lake City, USA

  • Reproductive immunology seen from the perspective of a clinician

Brice Gaudilliere

Stanford, USA

  • Single-cell profiling of the maternal immune clock of pregnancy

Petra Arck

Hamburg, Germany

  • The vertical transfer of maternal immune cells during pregnancy: from identification to function

Thomas Hviid

Roskilde, Denmark

  • HLA in reproduction - from implantation to pregnancy disorders

Frans Claas

Leiden, The Netherlands

  • HLA-C, an important player in the immune regulation during pregnancy

Maria Jenmalm

Linköping, Sweden

  • The mother-offspring dyad: microbial transmission, immune interactions and allergy development

Jan Ernerudh

Linköping, Sweden

  • Cytokines and chemokines in immune regulation during pregnancy

Ole B. Christiansen

Aalborg, Denmark

  • The new ESHRE guideline on recurrent pregnancy loss: is it fair to reproductive immunology?
  • Status of intravenous immunoglobulin in the treatment of recurrent pregnancy loss and implantation failure

Malene Moeller Joergensen

Aalborg, Denmark

  • Treatment with intravenous immunoglobulin increases the level of small extracellular vesicles in plasma of pregnant women with recurrent spontaneous abortions.

Sarah Robertson

Adelaide, Australia

  • Interferon-ϒ in seminal fluid an infertility
  • Debate: Pro- et contra immunomodulation in the treatment of implantation failure and early pregnancy loss

Julia Szekreres-Bartho

Pecs, Hungary

  • Bi-directional communication between the embryo and the maternal immune-endocrine system

Bo Jacobsson

Göteborg, Sweden

  • Preliminary title: Inflammatory biomarkers in vaginal fluid and umbilical cord blood in intrauterine amniotic inflammation and preterm birth

Guillermina Girardi

London, Great Britain

  • Complement activation in preeclampsia and preterm birth

Bettina Toth

Innsbruck, Austria

  • NK cell subsets in recurrent miscarriage and post-renal transplantation patients
  • Round table discussion about immunomodulatory treatment in recurrent miscarriage and implantation failure

Diana Morales Prieto

Jena, Germany

  • Endothelial and immune cells- targets of trophoblast-derived extracellular vesicles